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Climate Change

September 11, 2019

Summit Cross

I wanted to briefly write some of my ideas regarding what is today a heavily debated issue worldwide. When I was a kid it was called Global Warming, today it is referred to as Climate Change. The idea is that human activity is responsible for changes in the Earth's average temperature over time.

There is an enormous amount of research on this subject to learn from. I will summarize what I have learned thus far. Since the time we began to take accurate measurements of temperature, the 1800's, the Earth's temperature has been rising. But archeological evidence shows that 2000 years ago the Romans built coastal towns and sea ports at a higher elevation than the current ocean level...

Star Hopper

August 28, 2019

Summit Cross

This morning I watched video from southern Texas of a SpaceX prototype spacecraft, called Starhopper, making a successful testflight. The flight was about 1 minute long. It flew to an altitude of about 400' and traversed horizontally about 200' to a secondary landing pad.

The system being developed will likely be able to deliver cargo to orbit for about 1/10th of the cost of current vehicles. At the rate they are developing, the system could be operational by 2022...

Conversation with a WWII Veteran

August 23, 2019

Summit Cross

I was recently walking through a normal American neighborhood when a man walked out from his home to speak with me briefly. He asked what type of work I did and how many children I had. I asked about his life, he said his wife had passed years ago and he was now 94 years old. He grew up on a small farm near Murphy, North Carolina and was drafted into the US Army and sent to Europe to serve in World War II...


August 22, 2019

Summit Cross

Thus begins a personal blog for Classic History. I thought it would be good to include short whimsical blog posts so that anyone reading my articles could better understand what kind of person is writing them.

Writing is also a healthy exercise in that it helps to open up your mind and release ideas. So I'm sure that in writing about more benign things I will come up with ideas for new articles...

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