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Humans are the only creatures who can create something out of nothing. We can all come together as a culture and agree on some idea that currently does not exist. Then we can all turn this idea into reality.

We can all hold a melody in our minds, then come together as a choir or an orchestra and all create this music seamlessly together. We can write down the idea of a building, agree on the design, then come together in coordination and build it.

Money is fake. I can trade a couple pieces of paper (money) for gallons of fuel. Obviously the fuel is far more valuable than some small pieces of paper. But we have all agreed that this paper acts as a store of value. And because we all believe it, it is true.

Now imagine one culture agreeing on an idea or philosophy. But an adjacent culture does not agree. Imagine the urgency that the first culture demands of the other culture that they also agree on this idea. If the second culture does not agree, then the project or vision is in danger of being eliminated.

Thus the competition of various cultures. This is perhaps why we have separate countries perusing similar but ultimately varying goals.

I will say that it is incredible to watch a group of people agree on something that does not exist, then come together to turn it into reality. Its really a beautiful thing to witness.

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Community Creation

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