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My Experience with Covid-19

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My wife is fairly confident that she contracted the Covid-19 virus when she visited the doctor on a Monday. By Thursday, she was feeling very bad and called her doctor for advice. Of course they advised her to take a covid test, and one was scheduled for the next morning.

I was at work and asked if I could have that Friday off. I packed up my computer and took it home with me at the end of the day in preparation for working from home, should my wife indeed test positive. The procedures had been communicated to us, that if we were in contact with someone who tested positive then we would have to isolate for five days and then take a covid test as well.

My wife went for her test Friday morning, and I stayed home and made breakfast for our two children. During breakfast, I noticed our three year old son starting to feel very bad. He threw up his breakfast. This was very unnerving for me since neither of our children vomited much even when they were infants.

My wife came back home and we received a call a few hours later that her results were positive for the Covid-19 virus. Our son lay on the couch all day and watched movies. Me and our one year old daughter started showing symptoms that evening.

Saturday was a rough day. I sat in front of the fire all day and drank hot tea and read books to our children. I didn't have much energy to get up at all and I had no appetite. I had the chills and a slight fever, and I could slightly feel something in my upper respiratory area. Our kids had a fever and a slight runny nose. By this day my wife was feeling better. Our daughter threw up so I wanted to stay with them to make sure nothing happened during the night. Cold weather moved in and it began to snow. My son and I slept on the pull out couch in our living room.

On Sunday morning we woke up to 8 inches of snow on the ground. The day was a little better but none of us had any appetite and we were all still a little fatigued. It snowed all day. It really was one of the most beautiful days ever at our house. My son and I walked outside in the snow, and we talked with our neighbors from a distance.

We only played outside for maybe 20 minutes. We were getting better but I didn't want to risk our recovery. And our son was tired and ready to go inside anyway. It was wonderful to chat with our neighbors even for a few minutes.

We all woke up Monday morning feeling back to normal, except our appetites weren't quite back yet. We built a snow fort in the back yard. Our daughter couldn't walk through the over 1 foot of snow, so the little clearing inside the snow fort made it all much more fun for her. Kids have so much fun in the snow. I took out a water table that we use in the summer and placed it in the middle of the snow fort. The kids loved it! And they filled it with snow and shoveled it all around. I took them on a few sled rides. We followed all the animal tracks for a little ways. It really was another a wonderful day. And my wife was very happy to have me working from home the rest of the week.

The earliest I could schedule a covid test for myself was that Wednesday. The results came back today, and I too tested positive.

Mortality Rates

Overall I would recommend that people indeed take the virus seriously, but I would not be afraid of it. The mortality rates for someone in my age range are 0.04%. And 96% of people who die from covid have at least one comorbidity. 75% of people who die from the virus have at least four comorbidities. A comorbidity could be high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, obesity, etc. I have no comorbidities, so the odds of me dying from the virus are statistically zero. For these reasons, we decided over a year ago to not take the vaccine.


The best piece of information I have learned about beating the virus involves vitamin D levels. Normal vitamin D levels greatly increase the odds of surviving the virus. Nearly the entire population is vitamin D deficient. And there are no health risks associated with taking a vitamin D supplement. It takes months to elevate your vitamin levels, so take it regularly to prepare for an infection months in the future. Thankfully we had come across this research and have been taking vitamin D daily for almost one year.

Other than that I would recommend taking it easy and just resting and drinking plenty of fluids as a means of surviving Covid-19 if you do catch it. Vitamin C and Zinc are also helpful. We had a plan ready to do more if we became very ill. We had contacted our doctor over six months ago about possible treatment options. They stated that they would prescribe Ivermectin and Monoclonal Antibodies. If you are feeling very sick, I would recommend pursuing these treatment options.

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My Experience with Covid-19

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