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Sweden and Covid-19


This is simply an update on the Covid-19 situation with respect to Sweden. In any experiment, there needs to be some kind of a control subject. That is, there needs to be a specimen that had nothing done to it at all, so as to see what would happen naturally, with no intervention.

The country of Sweden is as close to a control specimen as we have. They did not shut down their entire country the way most others have. They did not mandate that people were face masks. They simply educated their population on the disease and took some steps to isolate their more vulnerable elderly population.

The data seems to show that they had problems in the early stages, as the disease entered their country. But the number of deaths quickly dropped off. The population seems to have developed some kind of immunity.

Sweden Covid Deaths 2020-8-24 Sweden Covid Deaths 2020-8-24
Sweden Covid Deaths 2020-8-24 Coronavirus Cases EU and UK

Originally published

   by Sebastian Rushworth M.D.
   by Adam Altmejd
   by Johns Hopkins - Archive


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Sweden and Covid-19

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