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Politics has Infected Everything


Why has politics infiltrated everything? It is in church, work, academia, our schools, and entertainment. The news media is almost entirely dominated by Leftist politics. The studies and history of our planet's climate are mostly politically motivated. Any deviation from specific ideas is seen as heresy. The viral contagion that we are dealing with now has become entirely political. I don't understand it.

And then there is what has become a major issue of 2020: race relations. Why would politics have anything to do with this? The government cannot pass a law making everyone be friends with each other. Race relations are when people build relationships with each other in real life. I can understand how a leader could inspire people to love each other, but that does not involve the government and especially not any laws. It all comes down to the people.

I know it's an election year and people try to bring more attention to all kinds of issues during this time. But I want to make the point that this is increasingly the nature of our culture in non-election years as well.

American Perspective

From the perspective of an American this all seems especially strange. Our government was set up so as to not allow much interference in people's lives. Our world was meant to be the product of what all of us wake up every day and create through hard work and creativity. Church and the state are meant to be separate. We are explicitly given the rights to bear arms and speak and assemble freely. The government is not meant to have any role in these things. Yet here we are.


America is increasingly becoming a very diverse country. There is very little in the way of common goals, religious beliefs, or cultural or ancestral heritage. Now if all of us are allowed to chart our own course free of any governmental restrictions, this is no problem. Different communities could freely create the respecting worlds they desired and pursue their own unique goals.

But if the government gets too much power over our lives, I fear that we may end up with various groups fighting for control of the government. We may very well find out that a diverse country only works in the presence of substantial freedom.


My reaction to all of this is to simply wake up every day and work to create something. Building relationships with God and with people is the meaning of life. Governments come and go. What we create every day continues to build into the future.

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Politics has Infected Everything

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