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We're All Dying


Everything is dying. Civilization is in a constant state of falling. I am slowly dying as I'm writing this and you are slowly dying as you're reading it. Nothing lasts forever. Every empire will fall and every human will ultimately pass away.

So then what is life? And how does humanity continue to advance? We have the incredible ability to create new life. We can create new ideas and new culture. And some of us are lucky enough to have families of our own. So this is what all of us should do with every day, in some way or another.

Use the past to learn what people tried and failed at before us. What did everyone else do when they were in a similar place? What can we try that no one has ever tried before? Create something beautiful, not only so that it may exist, but that it may inspire people far into the future to create something beautiful as well.


Cultures do not need borders in their infancy. They are rapidly creating some kind of vision that they share. They are expanding and building and generally creating all kinds of things together. Then they need to protect everything they've built, so they create borders.

The beauty of their civilization attracts a multitude of peoples that want to participate in their society one way or another. So the borders are strengthened for a while, as long as they can maintain the will to do so.

The fall of Rome was a process that lasted for 300 years. During this time, many of the best from Roman society left for Anatolia. They created the Byzantine Empire which lasted for another 1000 years. So the Roman Empire didn't specifically fall, it more so escaped to a new territory. A good many people were rightly discouraged by the corruption taking over Roman society. But they took it upon themselves to create a wonderful new society.

Daily Life

Most people get upset at the idea of life changing. Naturally, people want to preserve the beauty they see in their own culture. But this just cannot be done forever. Everything ends. The best way to honor the beauty of the past is to use it to inspire you to create something new and beautiful.

This is what everyday life should be. Develop any kind of habit you can to live a creative life. This can be as simple as building relationships or working hard at your job. Writing is a wonderful habit. Create an idea or simply notice something, and write it down. Think of how wonderful it will be for people in the future to read your everyday thoughts, or learn some kind of perspective they wouldn't gain without you.

Who you are now will not last forever, so get in the habit of creating something new.

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We're All Dying

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