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Attracting God

The Lonesomest Fairy

My whole life I have thought as though God was constantly reaching out to us, asking us to take His hand and let Him guide us through life. And we can all ignore Him, but have a relationship with Him when it suits us. He'll always be there right? This surely is the case, but there is a different way to live.

You could instead live as though you are trying to attract something beautiful. You could be more aware of your actions and how they might bring joy to some other creature and make them want to be with you. Desperately trying to attract God would mean a totally different life.

Ida Rentoul Outhwaite Ida Rentoul Outhwaite

Just pretend for a moment that you are trying to attract a fairy to your side. Try to be someone that a fairy would want to be around. Maybe, in the past, fairies were all around us. Perhaps they were a normal part of everyday life. And if we were having a special day they would show up for a brief moment.

Then the world changed, now they just don't want to be near us anymore because we're so busy and loud. We're unaware of our surroundings or even where anything came from. Maybe they've given up on us for a few hundred years, but keep an eye on us just in case one stray human here or there lives a beautiful quite life that they want to be a part of for a brief moment hear or there.


Legend would have it that faeries were everywhere. When we converted to Christianity, the faeries shrank in power and also in physical size, and retreated from our lives to tend to nature instead. May Eve is the day faeries must move, as the court can only stay in one place for six months in case humans might see them, which would remind them of their lost power, and sadden them.

There could be some truth to all of this, but then again, God did send His son to die for all of our sins. So it's kind of silly to think that He isn't making much of a effort to have a relationship with us. After all, he is open to our prayers at any time.

This is simply a different way to think, and what could it hurt to try to be more attractive to God?

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Attracting God

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